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Since 1988, the Par Excellence vision and mission has been to nurture students and aid in breaking the cyclical effects of low self-esteem, academic underachievement and provide motivation that will encourage them to be achievers and believe in themselves.

The Par Excellence vision is centered is shaped by the reality that the family is more influential in the life of the child than anything else. In order to dispel the dysfunctionality in our society and get positive results, we must not only place  our children in a healthy and active learning environment, but we must also make the environment they return to after school more conducive to creating the incentive for learning. This requires that we also address the perspective of the parent and help them reshape the environment at home.

The Charles and Nora Noble Learning Center furnishes the space to provide preschool, elementary school and adult education and other services under the same roof, creating an environment in which an atmosphere of learning and change can occur for the entire family. As a resource for the entire family the Noble Learning Center both provides the young student with the tools to succeed and also helps to order their family environment so that success has a greater opportunity to be achieved.



The “Charles and Nora Noble Learning Center” building is designed to be a transformative space that goes beyond a typical 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. structure of school. We focus on educational experiences for our children and parents in the 21st century:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) are used as the problem-solving pathways to deliver instruction.
  • Experiential learning opportunities connect students to a real farm in our community – referred to as our “Virtual Garden.”
    • Students are held accountable for observing a farm while collecting daily/weekly data through the virtual connectivity via a wall-sized computer monitor that displays a real-time video feed of a farm
    • The “Virtual Garden” is housed in a main area of the school for daily student access
    • Field trips to the “actual” garden bring the experience full circle for the teachers and students
    • Partnerships, sponsors, and grant-funded opportunities will be used to ensure cutting-edge technology for our students
  • Educational opportunities will be  provided for the entire family with after-hours education for parents
    • Adult-literacy courses
    • Interest-based courses
    • Extensions of learning opportunities that connect parents with their students
    • Additional offerings will include access to mental health counseling, job-procurement programs, and a focus on community-connectedness

The above provides assistance to the families of the students in order to give them a full complement of positive experiences as they re-enter into their challenging environments with coping skills, problem-solving skills, and an emphasis on the core values of family. All of this leads to building a strong family and community foundation. Preparing our students for the world in which they will be entering as adults is very important to us. The proliferation of technology in our society makes experiential learning opportunities, like the virtual garden, an important endeavor for The Charles and Nora Noble Learning Center.



Current plans to revitalize the Charles and Nora Noble Learning Center are currently in progress. The building chosen in the Education Corridor at 1350  Granville Road is another step in the Par Excellence vision to break the cyclical effects of low self-esteem and academic underachievement among the youth in Licking County. The building was named for Dr. Noble and his wife in honor of their efforts to improve families’ lives in Licking County. In order to renovate the building, making it a 21st century space for learning and to serve the needs of our students and families, the following actions have already been undertaken:

  • Create the C.W. Noble Sr. Learning Center
  • Refurbish Education Corridor building at1350 Granville Road
    • Redesign existing physical space for optimal use by Par Excellence Academy
      • Renovate classrooms
      • Renovate bathrooms
      • Addition of a kitchen, parking and bus lanes
    • Building-wide signage
    • Ensuring structure safety with code compliance measures

As a part of the vision to meet the educational needs of the entire family, the following activities have been planned:

  • Development of a cafeteria/physical education space
  • Development of a playground
  • Establishment of a preschool on the school campus

Reverend Dr. C.W. Noble Sr.’s original conviction to serve thousands of families, while transforming lives through affordable housing and education, has yet to come to final fruition. Echoed in the words of Reverend Dr. Noble, your contribution to our capital campaign would be an investment in 40% of our population and 100% of our future.