A Message from the Founder

Dr. Charles W. Noble
Founder-Par Excellence Learning Center

Oftentimes, we use people and invest our resources in things expecting a return. Actually, it should be the other way around! We should invest in people, expecting nothing in return, which in turn, generates a far greater benefit than any other type of investment one can make – both in the short term and for  generations to come.

The 2016-2017 Par Excellence Learning Center Capital Campaign is an opportunity to participate as a stakeholder vested in the future of our community by “paying it forward.” The Par Excellence Capital Campaign is dedicated to accumulating resources to eliminate the $2 million mortgage  indebtedness of the Charles & Nora Noble Learning Center, the current location of the Par Excellence Academy.

Investing in the Charles & Nora Noble Learning  Center means investing in the people it will serve. The Learning Center building is significant because it is both a symbolic representation and literal  manifestation of the firm foundation necessary to drive the Par Excellence vision of educating our children. The family is more influential in the life of the child than anything else. In order to dispel the dysfunctionality in our society and get positive results, we must not only place our children in a healthy and active learning environment, but we must also make the environment they return to after school more conducive to creating the incentive for learning. This requires that we also address the perspective of the parent and help them reshape the environment at home.

The Learning Center is crucial towards our goal. It provides us the space to provide preschool and adult services under the same roof as the Academy, creating an environment in which an atmosphere of learning and change can occur for the entire family. That’s where the real change will come from! By investing in the Center, you will invest in the people it serves by enabling an ever greater service to the family, which will greatly enhance the education of each student.

Good investments bring manifold returns. Investing in this Capital Campaign brings with it the personal dividend that comes from helping those around you to improve. It not only produces a personal spiritual benefit that brings you greater personal wholeness, but also benefits you as a part of the table of humanity because, as it has been said, “a rising tide raises all ships.” Not only this, but investing in this Campaign brings an economic benefit. It costs less to educate for success than it does to incarcerate because of failure – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can worry less about our youth going to jail – they’ll be too busy learning! Finally, there is a generational dividend. This is a gift that keeps on giving because if you change the paradigm for a child, they become an agent of change for their children and all the generations that come after them. The benefits from this investment are thirty-, sixty-, and even a hundredfold!

Our gratitude and appreciation to Rob Montagnese and the Capital Campaign committee for their generosity and prowess for helping us to achieve this goal.

I have discovered the people of Newark to be philanthropic. I believe that God motivates, empowers and touches people to do His work. I hope and pray that you will see the value of this investment and respond generously. Thank you in advance for your consideration and your participation – “children are 24% of our population, but they are 100% of our future!”


Dr. C.W. Noble, Sr.